Largest Jackpot Wins Recorded in Las Vegas

Over the years, casino jackpots have become popular with players looking to cash out on the huge amounts. The way a progressive jackpot is set up, the pot amount increases every time a player makes a play on the slot machine and fails to win.

The gradual increments result in huge wins when one player hits the tri factor after the jackpot has been in existence for a while.

Las Vegas is regarded as the headquarters of gambling and houses some of the world's best casinos. It is no surprise therefore, that the casino where history was made with the largest jackpot win ever paid out, is located in Las Vegas.

Here is a look a some of the largest jackpot wins in Las Vegas

What are the Largest Jackpots Ever Won in Las Vegas?

1. $39,710,826.36

The winner of this amazing Jackpot is not known by name till date which was a grant to his wish to be kept anonymous. However, it is known that he was a software engineer who hailed from Los Angeles. His win remains to be the largest Jackpot win to date.

The young man was only 25 years old and was not an avid gambler. He confessed that he chanced upon the win when his uncle told him about the MegaBucks slot with an amazing Jackpot.

He played with $100 on the machine and to his surprise, his lucky stars lined up. The casino paid him in consecutive annual installments of $1.5 million each.

2. $34,959,458.56

This Jackpot went to a lady by the name Cynthia Jay Brennen who used to wait tables in Las Vegas hotels. Her try at the slot Machine saw her walk with the top prize of more than $34 million.

Sadly, she got into a car accident a few weeks after the win when she was in the company of her sister. She survived the accident but became permanently paralyzed thereafter. Her sister was not so lucky and perished in the accident.

3. $27,580,879.60

In 1998, the fortune for a retired flight attendant changed when their $300 stake at the MegaBucks won her $27.5 million in cash. The winner revealed that they had mistakenly used too much to bet and were looking to place only $100 on the bet.

4. 22,621,229.74

27th March of 2002 was a good day for a 74 year old woman who decided to take a detour to hit the slots as she was heading for breakfast. The unplanned wager only cost her $170 and won her $22.6 million.

5. 21,346,952.22

At the turn of the millennium, a 49 year old gentleman from Illinois surprised many people including himself when his first spin at the slots with a $10 deposit happened to be a success. The play saw him walk out with $21.3 million after playing for just a few minutes.

Players never know when their luck might make them the next Las Vegas Casino big winners. The fact remains that one must play in a jackpot game in a casino to have the slightest chance at winning.